Chronology of BlueBlooD

The Test of Time

  • October 2013

    Two Worlds Meet

    The two dominant guilds from Jormungand, Aristocrat and Minerva, merged with BlackLotus Guild of Freyja.

  • November 2013

    Beginning of the Emperium Wars

    BlueBlooD engraved its name into the history books by securing the fortress of Prontera.

  • January 2014

    Conquest and Valor

    For a total of 235 days BlueBlooD held the Prontera Fortress, further marking their legacy.

  • June 2014

    The Future

    Together with a new Alliance, BlueBlooD steps into a promising future of peace and perfection.

  • The Legacy of BlueBlooD

    Past, Present, Future







    From the ashes of Two Worlds, the fundementals of BlueBlooD are based on the key traits of the founding forces, the Class of Aristocrat, the Wisdom of Minerva, and Unity of BlackLotus. These unique traits are imbued and reflect on every member that carrys the BlueBlooD Insignia.