Our Success is not the work of one, but the effort of all who unite under our emblem.

The Glory of Vanir

"We are one of a kind, unique in existence."

BlueBlooD is one of the biggest guilds in Vanir, SEA Server of Ragnarok Online 2. Established by the minds of 3 Guilds who shared a vision to create a legacy, we have never looked back since then.


The Test of Time

It all started...

with the merging of the Two Worlds, Jormungand and Heimdallr. Not too long back, the worlds had already been merged between Freyja and Einherjar. During that period, the leaders from several established guilds came to a decision to join forces with one ultimate goal. At first, there was much to consider. Would it be in the form of alliances, or mergers, or even a peace treaty. At the end, the two dominant guilds from Jormungand, Aristocrat and Minerva, found that collaborating with one another would be the best choice..

Thus came the beginning of a new era in the world of Vanir. As time passed they witnessed the rise and fall of many guilds, and as the guild grew in strength and numbers, so did the hatred for them by the rest. Its said when you're at the top, staying there is the challenge, and everyone else will wish you fall from grace. The guild name was chosen, from the very roots of Aristocracy, BlueBlooD was established.

Class, Wisdom, Unity
this is what we stand for.

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