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02About BlueBlooD

The BlueBlooD Belief


When we believe in something, it becomes our aim. This is because our beliefs determine the choices we make, and our actions help shape the world we live in. Here’s a thought: everyday ordinary people read their horoscopes and plan their lives based on its recommendations.

We make our own values. We accept challenge as how it is, but we don’t back down in the face of it. We empower our members by honing their neccessary skills, and we prioritize harmony above all others.


The BlueBlooD Family


BlueBlooD has been a host for all members worldwide. Establishing its roots from SEA Server, BlueBlooD consists of members from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, United States of America (USA), Canada, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, United Kingdom (formerly before GDPR), Spain (formerly before GDPR), Germany (formerly before GDPR), Greece (formerly before GDPR), Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The belief of the Guild was to unite all members under the belief that we all speak one common language, the voice of champions.

The Greatest Show on Earth, the World of BlueBlooD.


Of five years est.2013 – 2018, BlueBoooD was built on the objective of delivering experience to its members; founded on class, wisdom and unity of their peers.

BlueBlooD’s mission is to achieve Greatness together in the world of Ragnarok Online II, and setting standards for the rest to follow. Through an unwavering determination and commitment to being the supreme best, BlueBlooD has established itself as the Greatest of its time and hallmarked a showcase of excellence.

BlueBlooD has ceased all operations on 10/10/2018, reigning supremecy over 5 years and across all Ragnarok Online II servers and margers.


The Journey of Champions