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    The Midgard Times

    As of 10th October 2018, all activities and representations of BlueBlooD are ceased with immediate effect.

    We would like to send our sincere appreciation and gratitude to all BlueBlooD Members who have been with us all these years. All of our achievements and victories are the results of pure dedication from members throughout the course of BlueBlooD’s experience. BlueBlooD’s most valuable asset has always and will be its members. The bond we shares together will always continue as we have evolved from a guild to a close knit online family.

    BlueBlooD would also like to commend and acknowledge the efforts of all opponents we encountered. Thank you for all the enjoyment and triumphant you have given to us. BlueBlooD got stronger and better in all aspects in order to face challenges presented by its counterparts. It was truly an exhilarating experience having to cross paths with the PvP community.

    We shall now rest and pass the baton to the coming generation of players looking for adventures in Rune-Midgard.

    Official Announcement

    The War of Emperium.

    BlueBlooD currently occupies the Castle of Prontera, and the Forts within Prontera Fortress. We are very serious in the affairs of WoE, and every member will experience the Wars as part of the BlueBlooD tradition.

    We Are Recruiting

    Currently, we are recruiting and opening up the chance to join us in the World of BlueBlooD. If you feel you have what it takes and absolutely love PvP and WoE, do drop us a message and get in touch.