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A Royal Return to the World of Odin, Ragnarok Online 2.


2 years have passed since our retirement from Ragnarok Online 2. Much has changed, with members starting their own family, graduation, career progression, migrating to new countries and so on. We have all moved on from Rune Midgard in pursuit of wonderful opportunities in life.

Yet, the memories and moments we shared together will never fade. The game we’ve come to love and still do will always have a place in our hearts. Once in a while, we’re able to recollect these precious moments in time to warm our souls and reminisce the good old days. 

This year, to honor the 7th Anniversary of BlueBlooD, we re-visited the days of past, present and future in an event exclusively held for all our members and friends to experience. 

It has been a wonderful 7 years for us having the privilege to be of service to the community and servers of Ragnarok Online 2. It is within our gratitude to appreciate the welcome back gestures from the rest of the server as well as all our returning members. 

Happy 7th Anniversary.

7 Years of Excellence